SCOTT J. RAMSEY’s debut feature X, an erotic thriller about a voyeur who hosts debauched masked balls, impressed us at the STARBURST International Film festival earlier this year. We spoke with Scott about becoming a filmmaker, the ideas behind the movie, and what’s next...

Starburst Magazine


With a synopsis and trailer that definitely raises an eyebrow, it is with an open mind, and making sure Grandma's not watching, that viewing commences.....and what follows is not the voyeuristic sexploitation presentation maybe expected, but a feature of epic quality with a very credible and interesting story.

The B-Club

Eliza Boivin as Stella and Hope Raymond as Christian ("X") deliver great performances, as two powerful and manipulative characters. They start as complete rivals, but as the story progresses, we learn that their relationship is much more complicated. As a matter of fact, they even have things in common: they both live in the shadows. Raymond's work is brave and natural- she leads the film and her character is fascinating throughout. Boivin's work is phenomenal, considering her character's challenges (wearing a mask in many scenes, appearing in fewer scenes). Once she takes off her mask (literally), we get to know another side of her, which makes her character even more rounded and interesting. More importantly, we get a hint on Christian's secrets. This, indeed, is a crucial moment in the film.


Transfixed by the hypnotic score and magnetic draw of a shimmering antique mirror, we find ourselves quietly slipping into our most elegant masquerade mask and entering into this world without any hesitation. Perhaps it’s the subtle “Eyes Wide Shut” winks and waves from Director Scott J. Ramsey that prompt us to play along. Or maybe it's the specific choice of not using plastic, artificially manufactured actors as the cast of characters. But the moment we step into Christian's perfectly manicured estate we begin to feel uneasy. (…) For us, “X” marks the spot and seals it with a sultry kiss.

Queen Palm International Film Festival